Joel Neris

I'm a


Personal Trainer, Pilates Instructor & Running Coach.

  • Degree: BS in Physical Education
  • Phone: +1 (236) 868-1040
  • City: Vancouver Area, BC, Canada
  • Private sessions: Available

Are you looking for Clinical Pilates sessions? Don't hesitate to contact me or call to Sunrise Physioterapy Clinic and ask about my available schedule for an appointment.

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Rick Falasca

Software Engineer - Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

In October of 2021 I was a victim of a stroke and one of the consequences was that I've got the right side of my body almost 100% paralized. After get discharged from the hospital, I was barely walking and my movements were very stuck. Long story short, I can say that Joel is the main responsible for my good recovery, helping me to get back my full movements.
He's a great professional and can go beyond any expectations.
Thank you Joel for all the support. Cheers brother!

Mauricio Rosal

Engineer - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

10 years ago I thought about doing a half marathon race and started training with Joel. Today, with several races of 42, 100 and even more than 200km in the curriculum, I can only thank this friend and coach. A true example of a dedicated and attentive professional, he knows the right time to pull our ear, encourage and even curb our daydreams.
Thank you very much for accompanying me in these crazy things that I do.

Luciana Conti

Doctor - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Joel has been my personal trainer for over 5 years. He taught me to enjoy running, improved my physical conditioning in running and accompanied me during my pregnancy, in addition to always adapting the workout to my moment in life. Always encouraged me regular physical activity! I am very grateful to him and I am sorry that he is so far away now.

Erika Guedes

Civil Servant - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

I had the privilege of being trained by Joel from 2016 until he left for Canada. In a way, he was the one who "discovered" me, guided me even before training, and introduced me to trail running, which became one of my passions. He would see me running on the treadmill at the gym and with the utmost care and professionalism, he would make suggestions for me to improve my training without injuring myself. Later, being my coach, led me to several achievements. In the meantime, I also took pilates and strengthening classes with him. Joel is an enlightened person, he has incredible energy, he is extremely technical and at the same time delicate when dealing with me. Lucky for him to have appeared in my life. Today, I am happy to say that he is a friend.

Emanuele Adriano

Doctor - Rio de Janeiro - Brazil

Joel, excellent professional! Very competent, ethical, disciplined, dedicated and responsible!
Always attentive to the correct execution of exercises, posture, being well physically, mentally and also healthy eating.
He was my great supporter of the races!

Flavia Villarroel

Engineer - London - UK

Working with Joel has been a wonderful experience. I’ve always been very keen to try on new adventures even though I’m an average sports person, Joel has helped me prepare for several physical challenges, including a 300km hike, a 400km cycling event, and trail running. Joel's expertise and dedication are evident in his thoughtful, personalized approach. He takes the time to understand my goals and motivations, and he has helped me achieve results that I never thought were possible. My training plan included run, weightlifting, mat pilates and functional exercises, so I was never bored for doing the same thing over and over! With his guidance, I have become stronger, fitter, and more confident in my abilities. Joel has a unique ability to motivate and inspire his clients, and I always left our sessions feeling energized and empowered. I highly recommend him to anyone looking for a skilled and supportive personal trainer.

Augusto Santos

Vancouver, British Columbia - Canada

Joel helped me expedite recovering from an injury and taught me exercices that have increased my endurance and flexibility. The results were way beyond my expectations and I feel lucky to have the opportunity of training with him, as it's hard to find professionals woth such a broad knowledge.